Monday, 23 April 2012

#Cycling to work is a Win Win!

The importance of cycling for your work.
Did you know? On average, people who cycle take at least one less sick day per year than those who don't. This saves the British economy £128,000,000 per year, even with this, the UK currently loses £760,000,000 due to absenteeism. This just goes to show how much more money could be saved if more people cycled. This is of course especially important in the current economic climate! 
At this point you're probably thinking this is great... for my boss, but where's the advantage for me!  Yes, when you start riding to work you will be sweaty, tired and probably cut off by every bus driver and his dog, but that soon changes. After a week you soon learn to avoid being on the inside of a bus as the road narrows, you get fitter so the sweating reduces, and the endorphins released actually get you to work feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day (honest!) and that's got to be better for you than a red bull for sure! Even when you get home, at the end of the day, you'll be relaxed and feeling better for a little ride after a stressful day at work and you'll certainly sleep well! 
More great things about riding to work include. Not getting stuck in traffic. You can judge to the minute how long your commute to work will take as there's no seasonal traffic or wide loads to get stuck behind, and when traffic gets slow you can just ride around it!  There's nothing more satisfying than riding past the cars stuck in traffic, especially when it's nice out and you can adopt the 'smug cycler look'! Obviously it's not just the practical aspects either, let's not forget cycling is a leisure activity so it's fun! Which I'm fairly sure can't be said for driving at rush hour, and I don't think that driving through traffic is done as a hobby/passion at the weekend like road cycling? Or is it!! 
There's more though, I still haven't got to one of the best bits. If you went to RE:SOURCE and bought one of our serviced bikes with our warranty for just £30-£90,  then that's your only outlay, apart from a helmet. So for the cost of a tank of fuel you could commute at the very least all Summer, if not all year, with just the cost of an annual service (£22) and the odd set of brake pads (£5).  WIN WIN! 
Finally I'd Just to summarise all this lovely wonderfulness that cycling to work can offer. 
Good bits
·         It's good for you (check out to see how many calories you'd burn!)
·         It's good for your boss
·         It's good for your health
·         It's good for the planet
·         It's energising
·         It's fun and can lead to a great hobby
·         Commuting time is consistent
·         It's cheap
·         It helps you unwind at the end of the day 
Bad bits
·         Some of you aren't doing it yet!
·         It can take a while to get used to your saddle!!  
Give it a go….. 
Daniel Smith
Lead cycle engineer 
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