Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Bike Hub is back open for business!!

The Bike Hub


Hi, I’m Dan and I started at the Bike Hub in Bodmin on Monday which is very exciting! 

I have been a keen rider for 15 years when I started out riding XC on a second hand bike using my uncles hand me down parts. I started fixing my own bike from a young age as I had no money to take it to a bike shop to get fixed. (Although I wouldn’t call what I did to my bikes in the early days fixing!)

I worked in various bike shops in my later teens which alongside my diploma in outdoor education lead me to my first job as a MTB Guide in Greece.  Before long I was running the biking part of the resort which included route planning, guiding  and maintaining/repairing the fleet of bikes as well as other administration.

My next season was as a Lead Guide for a small company based in the French alps.  The riding there was another level of riding with some of the best trails I have ever ridden on my doorstep.  Although the riding was fun it was tough with an average of 60k of hard riding a day, 6 days a week!!

When I returned to the UK I taught biking as well as other sports for various companies. Over the years I have taught and competed in cross country, downhill, road and 4x/bmx.  I also have a degree in outdoor education and a BAHons in sports performance and coaching, so hope to bring some of that in to the Bike Hub role.

I have always loved bikes and all they can mean to a person. They can be simple cost affective eco transport. They can be a way of seeing the countryside.  They can be used for fitness or for an adrenaline fix or you can just hang out with your buddies, sessioning the trails. I don’t know of another activity that can offer so much. For these reasons and many more I feel that cycling can change lives just as it has for me…so being given the chance to work at the Bike Hub is amazing!

Although there’s been some great work going on since the Bike Hub started in October, we’ve decided to make a few changes to give the customer a broader range of even better bikes!

Thanks to some lovely volunteers  helping to get them ready we will have a full range of bikes of all shapes, sizes and prices for your perusal, available from RE:SOURCE (

We’ve had some really exciting bikes come through so far. These include some retro goodies in the form of a lovely early 80’s Raleigh Burner Mag 20.

The very cool Schwinn Stingray cruiser. 

And a very funky lime green 2010 Viking XRR road bike.  

Archive photos only not of actual bikes.

Not only have we managed to get bikes back out this week but we have loads of exciting things in the pipeline, like an open day for anyone interested in volunteering or training with us, a Cycle Surgery at RE:SOURCE and you’ll be able to join us for a group ride in the great Bodmin countryside. Keep reading and you’ll be the first to know.


Dan Smith

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