Thursday, 29 March 2012

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Social networking and what have the romans ever done for us?

The bike scene has changed so much over the years.

Looking back ten years or so I honestly don't know how we knew things were going on, we just knew. You could argue that this word of mouth networking would have excluded people who didn't know other riders in the know, but if it did, I never noticed it.  I felt a lot more in the loop back then.

People would also congregate more based on their hobbies and the trails where much more sociable, because that was where you would go to meet riding buddies and you'd spend half a days ride chatting.  

As a teenager I think all of my friends were riders, largely because if you wanted to ride with other people or race etc you had to spend time with those people to find out what was going on.   Or to be invited out.  Whereas now, you don't need to hang out with riders to hear about the next race or to get invited out on a ride. Now you can just send a message out on face book stating an intention to ride at a set time and place and expect any number of people to meet you. Or you can google your local race series to find out where and when, and worst of all you don't even need to see your buddy to invite them out for a ride, just call them on you mobile phone and arrange it and call them again if your late/lost/not coming. Our kids must wonder how we survived "back in the day".

I'll be honest, I think I'm just being grumpy because I'm now out of the 'social networking' loop. If I was to be objective, nowadays anyone who has an interest in riding and access to a computer can find out what events are going on, join a bike club, or find a forum of local riders and find riding friends, which has got to be great news!  And really there's nothing stopping people making friends on the trail, we just need to try more and if we don't make a million friends each time we go ride, it simply means we'll spend more time actually riding!

Actually come to think of it, social networking and IT is crucial,  without it I wouldn't have found this job, I can now keep up to date with the latest technology, and we can let you guys know what we're up to online.



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