Tuesday, 20 March 2012

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We've discussed the practicalities of commuter bikes, now it's time for a bit of fun this week… It's all about BMX's. The RE:SOURCE drivers have been good to us and we've had a great haul of BMX's in the last week. We've got an Apollo BMX ready to go in RE:SOURCE at this very moment.
We've also just finished work on an immaculate diamond back grind sporting 4 stunt pegs, gyro and although still an adult bike, it would be ideal for younger riders or those of a smaller stature as it's a junior BMX. 
A junior BMX usually has adult sized cranks but the shorter of the available sizes, a shorter top tube in this instance, which is 2" and smaller bars which all means that the geometry is similar to that of the adult bikes but compacted.
We also have two diamond back jokers which sport three piece cranks, 14mm axles and probably the best geometry of any BMX I have ridden. The joker is a very underrated bike due to its largely hi tensile steel construction. The weight on these may be a tad high but they are as strong as anything else out there and are very easy to get on with. The geometry makes them super stable for street, park and dirt and their strength allows it too. I honestly don't think a better BMX exists for the money. I've been seriously contemplating selling my Guchi BMX to buy one of these gems but I swore I wouldn't be a magpie when I started this job. (at least for lent anyway)
More important is the busy few days we have ahead of us. On Friday we have the bike hub open day in the RE:STORE building from 10-4. Please do come on down to see what we can do for you. It's a great opportunity to get involved and to find out more about what we do.
On Saturday we have the bike surgery at RE:SOURCE from 10-2 followed by a brilliant mountain bike ride starting at the RE:SOURCE and heading round towards Cardinham.  The ride is  off-road and Cornish(hilly) and will therefore need some level of fitness and riding ability but nothing too hardcore, and we'll be there to look after you!
I hope you can come down to one of our events and meet us so we can find out more about our customers.
Daniel Smith
Lead Bike Engineer 
Achieve more with the bike hub

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