Wednesday, 7 March 2012

#Bikes selling fast at the #CornwallBikeHub, plus exciting events to come...

BAD NEWS! I would like to apologise to anyone who stuck their nose into RE:SOURCE ( and found less bikes then they had expected. We had the full range that I had hoped for but they all sold so quick our range was almost gone by the time the weekend was over but

GOOD NEWS! We have another batch of bikes winging there way over to RE:SOURCE today.

This week we’re doing our best to get more commuter friendly bikes out at RE:SOURCE for you.
The key characteristics of the commuter bike are skinnier smoother tyres for less rolling resistance.  Bigger diameter wheels (700c) on a road or commuter bike essentially give the rider better (longer) gearing for longer distances.  As with anything there are drawbacks. This gearing essentially gives you a higher top speed but slower acceleration. Commuter bikes are most suited for those travelling longer distances whereas a mountain bike will be better for travelling within town due to the better acceleration and improved agility offered with the smaller diameter (26”) wheels. Mountain bike wheels are also stronger not only because they are built for strength but because a smaller wheel will be stronger then a bigger one as the gap between the rigid bits, which are the rim and hub, is smaller.

Some examples of our commuter friendly bikes are.

This ridgeback 602 a good quality rigid bike thats lightweight simple and has 26” wheels for better acceleration. Also I had one for three years so it must be cool right?.........

This emmelle is very cool (maybe because it’s a bit retro), it has 700c wheels, slightly knobbly tyres and mudguards which are great for when we inevitably get a wet summer. This style of bike is very comfortable and designed to give the rider a comfy hassle free ride over longish distances.

The Saracen offers similar ride position to the emmelle but offers a stiffer more rigid frame for the more aggressive rider but still plenty of comfort and efficiency.

Last but not least don’t forget our open day at the Bike Hub inside the RE:STORE building on Friday 23rd of March, all day, and the cycle surgery at RE:SOURCE on Saturday the 24th from 10am-2pm, they should both be great and give you a better idea of how we work and what we offer to volunteers, customers and enthusiasts.

There’s so much going on I almost forgot to mention we’re going on a little Bike Hub Ride around the Cornish countryside at 2 pm after the cycle surgery so come along and get involved.

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