Tuesday, 27 March 2012

#Cardinham #BikeRide a real success...

Saturday 24th saw The Bike Hub's inaugural guided MTB ride through the fantastic woods around Bodmin.

Ably led by Lead Bike Engineer and MTB Guide Dan Smith, our intrepid crew set off from RE:SOURCE, winding our way down to Cardinham.

The ride lasted 2 hrs give or take a few and included some technical downhill, some lung busting climbs and a great piece of Carrot Cake and a cuppa at the cafe at Cardinham.

Suitable for intermediate riders this was a great start to the Bike Hub Guided Rides and has given us much inspiration for future expeditions!!

If your interested in joining us for a ride in the future, don't be put off by the words 'technical' and 'lung busting'...all things are relative!  We will ensure that there is something for everyone in our rides and to be honest, they will be more about enjoying the best of the great outdoors and meeting new people...

Here's our route from Saturday...watch this space for further rides and let us know if you have a great ride that you know of in and around Bodmin...

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